I grew up in Toronto where it's freezing and snowing all the time. (I've been living out in L.A. for five years now. When it comes to the cold—been there, done it, don't want to do it again!) Carmex was really my first little makeup product, so becoming the Carmex Moisture Plus spokesperson was a really organic relationship for me. Now, the new packaging is shaped like a lipstick and has SPF, which a lot of people forget is important to have in your lip products. In the morning, I only use CoverGirl Lash Blast (I purchase 10 at a time in case they discontinue!). It just works really well. Kelley Baker's Brow Powder and Magic Stick Highlighter Pencil are also amazing...


We count it an honor to be a part of Shay Mitchell’s daily beauty routine — and we’ve got to say, she’s wearing it well!  Read more about her regimen and recommendations here:

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