The most recognizable female villains – from Disney to DC & Marvel Comics – share many similar characteristics – maniacal laughs, nefarious deeds, and (not surprisingly) dark, bold, expressive makeup and villain-worthy eyebrows. With Halloween around the corner, let’s revisit some of the more infamous lady antagonists for some wicked makeup and villain eyebrow inspiration.

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These female villains have long inspired some of the best Halloween costumes year after year – not to mention the most recognizable. Bet you didn’t realize the eyebrow’s significant role in their overall looks, right?! Just further proof that the brows really can transform the face.


Move over Jaws, Ursula’s underwater notoriety puts yours to shame. Everything about Ursula oozes deceit and danger, from her octopi-inspired body to her incredibly expressive villain eyebrows, Ursula is clearly up to no good. With her bold, lid-to-brow shadow and fantastically arched brows, you can see Ursula’s scheming mind endlessly at work.


As self-proclaimed “Mistress of ALL Evil”, Maleficent does not disappoint as one of the most notorious female Disney villains. From her pointy headdress and cheekbones to her dramatically arched brows and half-lidded, heavily shadowed eyes, Maleficent is easily one of Disney’s most recognizable villains of all time.

The Evil Queen

Just as Snow White is pure and sweet, her nemesis, the Evil Queen, is most decidedly not. Her character is so thoroughly evil that Disney rarely referred to her by name (Queen Grimhilde or Queen Ingrid, btw). The Evil Queen entirely looks the part with her sinister, stately beauty – complete with menacingly arched brows, heavily shadowed lids, and a cruel red mouth.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is flamboyant, reckless, and impulsive. Disney mirrored these characteristics in her extravagant furs and wildly colored, messy hair. Her makeup complemented her dramatic nature with brightly shadowed green lids and dramatically thin, arched eyebrows. For fun, outrageous female Disney costume ideas, Cruella de Vil tops our list! (just keep the fur faux, please.)

Lady Tremaine

Also known as the Wicked Stepmother of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine is cold, cruel, and driven by jealousy. Her stiff, regal bearing and sinister glare emphasize her tyrannical nature. Unlike many of Disney’s villains, she doesn’t wear lid to brow eyeshadow. Still, she favors the cruelly arched, thin eyebrows that emphasize her constant disapproval of poor Cinderella.

Harley Quinn

We can’t give all the credit to the female Disney villains, as the comic book realm also had its share of bad girls. Created by DC Comics, Harley Quinn is a favorite – especially for Halloween! Harley Quinn is a playful bad girl with her naughty costume, messy makeup, and sassy pigtails. But as you smudge that red lipstick and smear the eyeshadow, keep the brows bold, groomed, and on-point.


Hela, the evil sister to Loki and Thor, makes even Loki look like a boy-scout. As the Goddess of Death and the former executioner of Asgard, she’s one terrifyingly bad babe. Her skintight, latex battle armor, and extravagant, antlered headdress framed her heavily shadowed, artfully made-up eyes. Her brows, though bold and straight, take a back seat to the black and green shadows that almost encircle her eyes.

It’s no surprise that the female Disney villains are some of the most well-known. Storytelling is visual for Disney, and these villainous lady’s looks are no exception. However, we’ve thrown in a little Marvel and DC love to the mix – because even in the comics, the bad guys can also be girls – and their makeup plays no small role in their spectacularly looking the part.

If you need tips on how to shape your brows for one of these female villain costume ideas, check out some of our other blog posts for lots of how-tos and instructions. (link to blog or a specific post)

Happy Halloween, brow babes!

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