Even if you live in a state where tinting is offered, alternatives should definitely be taken into account before booking an appointment.

Since tinting was banned in California, Baker launched what she calls the next best thing: the Kelley Baker Brows Tinted Brow Gel. "It covers grey hairs, blonde hairs, and will tint your hairs a shade darker than they are," she explains. "It will also stain the skin wherever you have holes." Maybelline New York released a similar waterproof formula called the Tattoo Studio Brow Gel, which lasts for up to two days.


Brow and lash tinting is no longer an option in the state of California, but not to worry — in this article Kelley explains why our Tinted Brow Gel is the next best thing. Read all about more eyebrow tinting services and get the experts’ opinion on it in this edition of Allure:

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